What are your hobbies then?

I often get asked this and sometimes it really has stumped me. The reason it stumps me is that my energies are mostly taken up working and surviving.

I work to earn money so I can afford nice things in my life. My pride and joy is my MacBook Pro with retina screen display. Recently I needed it repaired and it was out of my life for almost a week and a half. When I look at this, I feel that my MacBook pro is actually a hobby in its own right. I certainly invested in it emotionally at that time and still do right now.

So does a hobby have to be something traditionally a hobby, or can possession be a hobby? If you are really into your partner, can they be your hobby as well as your partner? If you are investing everything you have in them, and getting pleasure from it, isn’t that a hobby? In the same way as sailing, exercising or collecting stamps?

At the end of the day if it makes you happy then I suppose it’s a hobby? Although on the other side of that coin, I eat too much and though I feel good at the time, it makes me feel bad afterwards. And I have set over it, so although I invest in it as a hobby in some ways, it certainly isn’t a hobby even though it has pleasurable aspects to it, both in terms of eating and when that way comes.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re bored with hearing about my problems in that respect the now. I need to get some sleep as it’s been a long and tiring week this week. There’s been lots to do at work and I basically been on a computer screen for a lot of time. So sitting here on my MacBook Pro just for the sake of it, typing stuff to put on a blog but I don’t think anybody will ever read, is probably not the best use of my time. But then going back to the hobby thing, how many hobbies are not the best use of your time?

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