Smashed Macbook screen to get upset about

Over the past six months I have felt that I have surrounded myself with positive people and attempted to have a positive outlook on life. I’m really enjoying my job and I’m really enjoying the prospects I now have, compared to where I was a year ago.

My weight is my big issue. It does affect me emotionally and socially. I do not go out as much when I am feeling heavy as I do when I’m feeling good about myself. I do often wonder if that is the case with a lot of people, or if its a problem particular to me. My parents were both heavyset, okay let’s tell it like it is they were fat, and they didn’t seem to suffer any social anxiety problems.

But I’m beginning to think that the weight they put on was after they met, and they support each other, it’s far easier to go out if you have somebody alongside you who love you regardless and support you in that situation. If you are single like I am, then it can be a lot more daunting and I wonder how my parents would act if they were on their own now.

Today’s been a good day for food and a good day at work. My problems started when I got home from work. I was in a rush and I had my MacBook open on the kitchen table. I am putting some skirting on around the place and I picked up a loose bit and move backwards with it and it hit the screen of the MacBook cracking it right along it.

I did a search on Google for MacBook Pro retina 13 screen replacement in my local area and was pretty disappointed at what came up in terms of options. I don’t live in the city so it’s going to be a trek.

I rang a couple of places asking about MacBook Pro retina screen replacement parts and they both said they could do it, but it would have to order the parts. It then means a trip into the city, then the time to fix it and then a trip out again to pick it up. I suppose the alternative is to send it away to a specialist repairer, and I did find a seemingly good screen repair shop. They had the parts in stock and I wouldn’t have to go out to the city to get it repaired. We will see what I end up doing.

As I’m typing this on my MacBook right now, you can see that it’s not a massive issue, other than a few words are obscure. But if you going to spend that much hard earned money on something nice and you want to make sure that it looks nice.

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