Sharing my weight problems with nobody in particular

I mentioned before in an earlier post about how I have always suffered with weight problems. I think I’ve actually suffered with them since birth and it’s been a problem for me.

Thankfully life distracts me most the time. I love technology. I love my MacBook pro for example and I love my mobile phone, and I love everything like that.

But I do have a nagging problem that things are going great.

But I am truly trying to increment changes right now I coach myself every single day on what to do for the best. It is really surreal to say to myself that I am proud of myself for doing something as small as not eating, or not spending money on something. I’m hoping that I share my story here I can hopefully reach out release one person and help them as well.

But if nobody does read this, at least I have got this off my chest and help myself just a little bit more. I share my story because it can happen if somebody reads it. If this can be the spark for somebody else, then I will be incredibly proud. in my

In other news, I’ve had a really good day at work and I had a call from the specialist repair shop that I contacted in my previous blog post to say that they had the part in stock. They have said they can send me a box to put my laptop in and then ship it back to them. I have taken this option because I just want to get this screen problem behind me and get on with using my MacBook as it was intended.

So I am down because of my weight and also positive because of the steps forward I’m taking in losing it. So on balance, I think I have to conclude that with five being neutral, one being bad and 10 being great, today is edging up to a 7/10. And that’s really great news to me as there have been plenty of days where I have been down in the 1,2 and 3 area.

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