Overcoming the F word forever

Whether you are male or female most of us in the modern Western world suffer from worrying about the F word far too much. Whether we are saying trust self or we hear it from someone else, it can cause us huge emotional upset and embarrassment. And I’m not talking about the F word you think I’m talking about.

I am talking about the word fat.

Let’s be honest, sometimes in life you feel like we can’t win and even if we are truly lamenting changes and coaching ourselves every single day it is often such a hard battle that we give up.

So how do we change this for the better and make more of us happy?

By the way, I’m typing this on my fully working MacBook Pro Retina wonder toy. It had its screen repaired (read the story here and here)and it’s working great.

I think I have to say that the F word is an addiction. It’s an addiction in terms of people living its and it’s an addiction for people to say it. We are addicted to it in our society. Wherever you look the F word is there, whether it’s hidden among skinny people on advertising posters, or on the television talking about food, wherever it is that F word is everywhere and it’s in people’s minds, if not coming out of their mouths.

Anyway, you have a think about how you use the F word in your life. Whether you are living with it, or looking around at people and thinking, you have to think about the implications it has on the souls of those people.

I’m going to bet that unless you are completely heartless, that you must understand how difficult it can be for people to deal with such emotions every single day of our lives. While still trying to deal with the everyday problems that most of us have, whether it’s simple things like being out in the rain without an umbrella, having a car breakdown or something more serious like being told we have a serious illness.

I actually think that when we talk about the F word, we are talking about people having a serious illness. I think that’s something we all need to take into account and before we start thinking it when we see somebody in the street, we should just have a little think about how they are feeling.

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