Obsessed food junkie writes from the edge

The current topic existed in my head for a long time. We could talk about it. Or just keep our opinion shut. But we must face it: Fashion dictates freaking too much! Act like this, look like that, never eat these, only smoke those. So many affections of that were already discussed. Models fainting right during runway shows, anorexia among young girls, people wasting their lifetime on depression. Depression that drinks and eats you alive.

When we say that It’s not normal for a nineteen year old being 180cm tall and not even reaching 50 damn kilos, the skinny-dead haters scream“Okay, so we should promote diabetes then!”

But I’m not trying to legitimize obesity, okay

Guys, that is another end of the problem that should not be supported as well.

I’m not here to lie, saying that plus- size fashion is so deep and conceptually modern and so on. Because it’s not. Sometimes that fight against anorexia brings new super unhealthy trends like “I’m plus size and I’m proud of my body” movements.

Being medically obese is just as dangerous as being too skinny.

But The thing is I can totally agree that, despite all the drama about that, clothes look better on slim builds. And that’s it. But when they say that a girl wearing XS is not skinny enough to model, it’s like “Whaaat”!?

Wow I’m rambling a bit here aren’t I. I’m hoping you can see what I’m trying to say to you.

The keys on my MacBook Pro are red-hot and my eyes have burnt black holes into my amazing retina screen, recently replaced, and I think it’s all gone to my head.

If utterly changed topic and tell you about my MacBook a bit more. It keeps me sane. I know that sounds insane to say that, but it does. By focusing my pleasure on it it distracts me from the bigger problems in my life, and when I use it I feel creative and free. This is why I was so utterly upset when I cracked the screen and had to send it away for repair recently. It’s only the 13 inch model, but it was still traumatic getting a retina screen replacement sorted out.

Anyway, it’s time to finish now I’m just say that I hope you understand what I mean trying to say here. Every day on the tube I see pictures of models, male and female, telling us without saying a thing, how we should be. How we should look, how we should act, all written into photos we absorb through very poor filters. It cannot go on like this.

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