A little bit about me and my life to begin

I suppose the thing I need to say first of all is that I really struggle with my weight. I always have and I’m going to talk about it right here.

In fact, the reason for me starting this blog is because I’m very keen to pin myself down to trying to make myself more healthy. Something I have failed to do in almost 10 years of misery. You would think that if you are unhappy with something you will change it, but the mind is an amazing thing and it’s amazing in its selfish nastiness as well, where it will rip out your soul and leave your body ravaged just to satisfy the cravings and needs it has for itself.

I ate really badly at school and that continued after school. I do make healthy choices and occasionally I will go to the gym. Sometimes I go out for long walks and sometimes I go running. So it’s not all bad, but the weight just keeps piling on. The problem is that although I take two steps forward, I always take one step back, and I’ve already wasted a lot of the journey.

When I got a new job last year I gained a bit of self worth. I started to believe in myself and that motivated me to start looking after myself physically and emotionally, better than I had done the years.

The other key thing that did was to gain organization in my mind. Being organized goes a very, very long way in completing a journey through weight loss. I learned to coach myself emotionally and tell myself that I can do it. Every accomplishment became great.

But, there was always a danger of a lapse through the evil of my brain letting me down.

So that’s who I am and where I am right now my life. I am happy, but as you can see I do have issues with things that I want to change significantly. Part of the reason I started this blog is to pin myself down to my journey on weight loss, but also to talk about other things which interest me, other problems I have and passions I have, such as technology, for example I can’t live without my MacBook and my iPhone, I’m a bit of an Apple fan person to give it the nonsexist parlance.

If you happen to find this blog, I hope you find something of interest in it.

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