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I’m 35, single and my name is Jim. I haven’t always been single, I am recently divorced and that’s something else I will want to talk about on this blog as it has been a painful struggle over the past couple of years. Sometimes you just feel like life isn’t worth living any more and that every piece of joy you’ve ever had has been sucked away never to return.

Sometimes you have to get out there and write. That’s what I was told and now I’m getting started with a blog here. You might wonder about the name I choose for this site. 555WebTemplates.com doesn’t seem too much like a personal blog. Allow me to explain my thought process. Web is my last name, and also my profession. With this blog I intend to discuss the so-called life “templates” you can apply to your life to hopefully make yourself a happier person, as I have tried to do since my divorce. Webtemplates.com was taken, so I added my favorite number (5) in there a few times for good measure.

It’s strange that everybody talks about blogs, yet I don’t know a single person who’s ever done one. I’ve been told they are wonderful for helping with problems and as I have been struggling with my weight and finances the years, as well as my self-esteem, I think it’s probably about time I stopped bottling things up inside me and got things out in the open.

What I also want to say however to anybody who’s reading this is that the joy will return to your life in time. Sometimes you have to be strong.

So if you like what I write here than of love to read your thoughts in comments if I leave them open on the post you read. If not then I hope that what you read here is of some use to you in your life.

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